About this site

I have been writing IT related articles for the UK magazines, mainly PcPro, for many years. Finally after some time I have managed to put my articles plus extra content into a Blog!

Most of the articles I write are based on my experience of using these technologies and the code has been written by me. I try always to write from a personal experience of the technology rather than from press releases or presentations which in my experience rarely tell the full story. I hope you find these articles interesting.

The plan is to regularly add to this Blog with my experiences in the real world as a developer and owner of a hosting company, plus any other IT related stuff that catches my eye.

These articles, reviews and thoughts are published here as originally I wrote them, and so they might differ from the edited article that was finally published in a particular magazine or on a web site.



Mark Newton
Freelance Writer
Contributing Editor RWC PcPro
Contributor CloudPro